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The True Hidden Secrets of a Successful Landscaping Business

If you're looking to grow a successful lawn care landscaping business, there are four key secrets that you must know. These aren't talked about very often, but they are the actual keys to success. In this YouTube video, the speaker shares his own experiences and the lessons he learned while growing his own business. Here's a breakdown of the four secrets he discusses:

  1. Buying new equipment: While everyone loves buying new equipment, it's important to calculate the revenue you need to make from that piece of equipment in order to break even. This means figuring out the price multiplied by the profit percentage. If you don't make enough revenue to cover the cost of the equipment, it's not worth buying.

  2. Redundancy at each position: Having redundancy at each position on the organizational chart is extremely important. This means that if one person leaves or gets sick, the business won't fall apart. This applies to every position, from the office and admin side of things to sales and production. If one person is the only one who knows how to do a specific service, for example, the business is in trouble if they leave.

  3. Simplification and specialization: Instead of diversifying, focus on simplification and specialization. Simplification means doing fewer services, while specialization means becoming an expert in the services you do offer. This allows you to charge more for your specialized services, and it also makes your business more efficient.

  4. Pay for performance: While this isn't discussed in detail in the video, the speaker mentions that pay for performance has revolutionized his business. This means paying your employees based on the results they achieve, rather than just for their time. This creates a more motivated and efficient team.

By following these four secrets, the speaker was able to turn his business around in just a few years. He went from making $100,000 a year in profit to taking home over $300,000 in profits in 2021. And the best part? He only worked there 30 to 40 minutes a week.

If you're looking to grow your own lawn care landscaping business, these secrets are definitely worth considering. By focusing on the right things, you can create a successful and profitable business in no time.

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