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Advice, tips, tricks for mowing and landscape businesses on marketing, sales, business, and more! Founder of Augusta Lawn Care, an eight figure international lawn maintenance franchise. Who is focused on raising the professionalism in the lawn care and landscaping industry. An entrepreneur first, he believes that owning and operating a business is the strongest form of investment one can make. He is on a mission to share his experience and help people growth their personal wealth to create generational financial security.

Get tips on how to advertise your business, hire the right employees, and scale your company!

Learn how to start a successful lawn care and landscaping business! These podcast episodes are short, digestible, actionable tips to get your business off the ground and become successful. The show includes interviews with landscapers and course members that are looking to grow their business. Mike Andes gives LIVE advice and consulting to REAL business owners. Get tips on how to advertise your business, hire the right employees, and scale your company! Mike Andes is the host of the show. In three years he took Augusta Lawn Care from 0 to $100K/month in revenue... This course is about HOW he did... step-by-step. Mike is also an author (Millennial Millionaire) and host of the Business Bootcamp Podcast (

If you are looking to START, GROW, OR SAVE your business I want to help you!

Business Bootcamp Podcast is made for small business owners. My name is Mike Andes. I started college at the age of 13 with full intention of going to medical school. I went to school for an MBA and now I own a landscaping company, an Anytime Fitness gym, and 3 online businesses. I share my highs, lows, and experiences being an entrepreneur. You can learn from my mistakes and identify with the day-to-day struggles of a small business owner. Call in or ask a question online and get concrete advice about your company. If you are looking to START, GROW, OR SAVE your business I want to help you! Learn from business people and seasoned entrepreneurs as they share their personal stories and experiences on the interview portion of the show.

Learn About the Business & Investing World

I want to share how I invest my money in real estate and the stock market. After building multiple 7-figure companies I want to share the tools and ideas that allowed me to invest that money, grow your business, and increase your personal wealth.

I take the advice of big-name financial influencers and make it applicable for small business owners and new entrepreneurs. 

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6 Steps to Start a Lawn Care Business From Scratch

When starting a lawn care and landscaping business everyone always thinks about buying trucks and equipment however there are some things you might not have considered. These 6 steps will put you on the right path to build a professional and profitable company.

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The One Marketing Tactic Needed To Build a $1M Company

Feb 18, 2022 Michael Andes

Today, I'm talking about the one thing you need to know about marketing that most people don't talk about because they're trying to sell you something. But if you know this one thing and you stay focused on this one metric when it comes to marketing, it'll completely change your small business. It did for me.

I Turned Down a $10M Offer to Buy my Business

Feb 17, 2022 Michael Andes

I think to myself, what could I have learned from someone sharing the nitty details and the behind the scenes of growing a business, sharing what was actually the tough times? So, I want to share those moments as much as possible.

4 Must-Have Efficiencies For The Spring Rush

Feb 15, 2022 Michael Andes

Spring is important for landscape business owners because this is when you have most of your landscape contracts. You can get the most from customers at this time. However, it is not enough to look forward to Spring rush, you should prepare for it as well.

Retire as a Lawn Care Millionaire: Secret to Growing a Massive Business!

Feb 15, 2022 Michael Andes

There are seven levers you can leverage to increase cash flow into your lawn care business. They also work in other industries and businesses, but our focus is the lawn care business. These levers are like handles that you can pull to improve your business at any time.