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Advice, tips, tricks for mowing and landscape businesses on marketing, sales, business, and more! Founder of Augusta Lawn Care, an eight figure international lawn maintenance franchise. Who is focused on raising the professionalism in the lawn care and landscaping industry. An entrepreneur first, he believes that owning and operating a business is the strongest form of investment one can make. He is on a mission to share his experience and help people growth their personal wealth to create generational financial security.

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I want to share how I invest my money in real estate and the stock market. After building multiple 7-figure companies I want to share the tools and ideas that allowed me to invest that money, grow your business, and increase your personal wealth.

I take the advice of big-name financial influencers and make it applicable for small business owners and new entrepreneurs. 

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6 Steps to Start a Lawn Care Business From Scratch

When starting a lawn care and landscaping business everyone always thinks about buying trucks and equipment however there are some things you might not have considered. These 6 steps will put you on the right path to build a professional and profitable company.

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Why Don't I Sleep? (5 Reasons)

Mar 07, 2022 Michael Andes

Quite often, I get asked how many hours I sleep every night, what my morning routine is, and things like that. What are the habits of success? I don't usually answer such these sorts of questions because I actually believe that what I say today, you should not do. But the reason I'm going to say it is because I want to give a different perspective in the entrepreneurial community.

Why Employees Don't Want to Work For Your Business

Mar 03, 2022 Michael Andes

For most small businesses this year, it will not be who gets the most leads or customers. It will be who can find and employ the most people. They're the ones who will win the game. And this article is going to show you exactly the process you need to follow in order to find great employees and keep them for a very long time.

Should You Buy or Rent Equipment For Your Business?

Feb 25, 2022 Michael Andes

If you have a business that uses vehicles or equipment to perform the services to your customers, this is an extremely important blog entry. I'll be addressing renting versus buying that equipment.